Upcoming Events

The Billings Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is hosting a public open house to discuss the Billings Bypass Corridor Study with interested members of the public. You are invited to attend, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the study and contribute your thoughts. 

Billings Bypass Corridor Study 

Public Open House

June 17; 4:30-6:00 pm

Independent School Cafeteria

2907 Roundup Road, Billings, MT 59105

The Billings Bypass Corridor Study will evaluate the proposed alignment that will ultimately connect Lockwood and the Heights. This corridor study is a step toward thoughtful planning in anticipation of the new Billings Bypass corridor and related development. The study will address future access options as development occurs along the roadway, potential intersections, stormwater and utility management, bicycle and pedestrian access and transportation safety along the corridor. 

The same content and opportunities to participate offered at the public meeting will also be available on the study website: www.billingsbypasscorridor.com.

Please direct comments, questions, or concerns to Lisa Olmsted at lolmsted@dowl.com or by calling (406) 869-6329.

Future Public Involvement Opportunities:

A second public open house will be hosted to present the draft Corridor Study. Stay tuned for more information!