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4 thoughts on “Forum”

  1. The present plan shows a road paralleling Mary street which is I believe is a complete waste of taxpayer funds. The road being built across the river to five mile road is great but should be extended north of file mile road and then west to Hwy 87 perhaps to Shepherd Acton road. People who live near 87 are already complaining about trucks using Jake Brakes and this will only get worse. The present plan will likely turn Mary Street into a frontage road. Suggest your design team go back to work to eliminate the Mary street portion of the design and do the smarter route by spending the funds and actually build a bypass north of five mile road! Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Tim Wiens

    1. Thanks for your comment. The time you’ve spend on this is appreciated.

      FYI – the roadway-specific comments you’ve shared are related to the Montana Department of Transportation’s project which is outside the prevue of this corridor study (I’ll forward to MDT, though).

  2. Please note: It’s important to delineate between the two Billings Bypass-related projects that are running simultaneously. The Billings Bypass project (Montana Department of Transportation) is the design and construction of the new roadway. This Billings Bypass Corridor Study is a community planning effort to proactively plan for the new development spurred by the new roadway.

    Comments related to the road design or construction will be forwarded to MDT. More information about the construction project can be found here:

  3. I do not believe you have spent enough time on the impact to the school. I think it would benefit you to sit near the school in the morning 8-8:30 and in the afternoons 2:00-3:00 so that you can see the problem that already exists. I believe you are going to make this problem bigger. You want to help with growth for the future with this project so I hope you will take the time and actual see the problem that might be able to be fixed before it gets bigger.
    It would also be nice to see on a map the new roads and where the roads are now. I was at the 2nd meeting and everyone was confused as to where the roads are now with the new roads.

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