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The Billings Bypass Corridor Study offers the unique chance to vision while simultaneously laying a solid foundation for the thoughtful and safe growth of the community. The recommendations in this study are the result of careful research, extensive data collection and analysis, and inclusive public and stakeholder involvement. Results achieved through this study will provide insight for future adjacent transportation facility needs and provide guidance for future development along the corridor.

In cooperation with the City of Billings, Yellowstone County, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), the Billings Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) conducted a corridor study to investigate options to address development needs. The corridor area includes:

  • Five Mile Road from Old Highway 312 to Mary Street
  • The new roadway, Trailhead Road, from the Main Street/US 87 junction to roundabout at Five Mile Road
  • The new roadway, Trailhead Road, from the roundabout at Five Mile Road across the Yellowstone River

This corridor study was a planning-level assessment of a study area occurring concurrent to construction of the Billings Bypass roadway.

The study included review of:

  • Transportation system 
  • Land use
  • Public and private utilities
  • Floodplains, irrigation, and drainage
  • Corridor aesthetics and vision

Information for this study was collected from consultation with technical experts, public and stakeholder engagement opportunities, and thorough research. This information has been compiled to present a vision for transportation and land use and used as a foundation for recommendations.

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